Playeurolotto lottery service review

European lottery eurojackpot (5 из 50 + 2 of 10)

How to increase your chances of winning?

Let's give a couple of tips, how to increase your chances of winning at SuperEnaLotto.

#1. Choose more combinations

SuperEnaLotto allows you to buy multiple tickets for each draw. The more coupons you buy, the more combinations become winning. Which means, the likelihood of victory increases.

#2. Explore lottery statistics

SuperEnaLotto publishes data on all draws in the public domain. You can see, what numbers fall out often, and which ones are rare.

These are the most common numbers drawn in SuperEnaLotto:

But which ones are the least common:

  • how often all SuperEnaLotto numbers are drawn
  • how often all SuperStars are drawn
  • how often pairs fall, triplets of consecutive numbers.

Statistical information, published by the organizers of SuperEnaLotto, can help on a "long" distance - when the player is not involved in one or two, but at least in 20-30 circulations.

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History of SuperEnaLotto

First Italian national lottery (then she was called EnaLotto) began to be held in the 50s of the XX century. IN 1997 the year the lotto was organized by Sisal, and the lottery changed its name to SuperEnaLotto.

To 2009 of the year SuperEnaLotto's result depended on another Italian lottery - Lottomatica. It happened like this: in the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome held Lottomatica draws. First balls, dropped out in Lottomatica lotteries in these cities, and made a winning combination in SuperEnaLotto. for instance, if in Bari the number dropped first 4, in Florence - 23, in Milan - 16, in Naples - 57, in Palermo - 33, in Rome - 26, then the winning combination in SuperEnaLotto was 4, 23, 16, 57, 33, 26.

Rules of the game through an intermediary

Any lotteries in the world, in which Russians can play, require ticket purchases. It is impossible to do this directly from Russia., since you can buy your paper "chance of winning" only in that country, which holds the draw. Therefore, the Russians have one way - to contact the official intermediaries..

We recommend a leader - AgentLotto (aka LottoEvents). They 20 have been providing services all over the world for years, and ourselves, personal, participated (and we continue to participate, what is there))) ) in foreign lotteries (especially love Powerball).

The best way to play lotteries abroad - Agent Lotto →


Security issues in relation to working with an intermediary are resolved using a multi-stage system for purchasing and selling tickets.

  • First, on specialized software, they are brought together as ticket providers in one database, distributing them, including at points of sale, and customer orders from intermediaries
  • Upon receipt of each specific order in accordance with the indicated numbers, tickets are filled, the originals of which are stored
  • Scanned copies are sent to clients participating in the lottery
  • At the end of the drawing, the winnings are withdrawn and transferred to the winners
  • An intermediary is always an insured person (company), this gives an additional guarantee of receiving a win


There are several points, which indirectly can confirm the trustworthiness of the intermediary, preservation and non-disclosure of the participant's personal data and funds invested in the game:

The term of work in the foreign lottery market must be long enough, so that the intermediary company has time to acquire a good reputation
A representative or company of the country is desirable as an intermediary, holding a lottery
It is worth paying attention to the amount of "cheat" on the ticket price. It shouldn't get absurd in size.
How the intermediary arranges payment for his services

The possibility of a secure transaction through a secure site must be implemented.
The participant must be able to contact the mediator: in favor of the latter is the presence of a hot line, support service or contact phone number, Email (preferably at least two, from one domain, well if one will be .ru), as well as a regular mailing address - all this information should be in open sources
Another indirect sign is the level of the site's design - it should not look haphazard and sloppy.
Also in favor of the intermediary is the presence of loyalty programs for regular customers. (eg, points accrual for purchased tickets)
And most importantly, there are real winners, preferably large amounts (eg, in AgentLotto paid Jackpot in 4 MILLION DOLLARS! Do you want the same? Who knows, what fate has in store for you, or what your intention is capable of)

Here paid Jackpot on 4 MILLION $ (AgentLotto) →


Many participants, wishing to play the lottery, taking place in another country, wondering, how legal their actions are. You can be calm:

  • The intermediary has a license to operate - the main indicator of the legality of his work and interaction with the client
  • Foreign lotteries do not prohibit the participation of foreign citizens (unless it is expressly stated in the conditions)
  • If the potential buyer is 18 years old (in some countries - 16), his participation is quite legal
  • Reseller purchases a ticket on your behalf (namely in this way, including online tickets are sold) completely legal
  • Do not forget that, that according to the law, you must pay tax on the winnings as in the country, holding a lottery, so in that, where does the player live. Legislation in this regard can be very different., so the winner should know in advance, when, where and how much will you have to pay

International lotteries allow you to take part in them regardless of whether, which country the player is from, however, the percentage of Russians among foreign ticket buyers is very small. But remember, that despite the fact, whether you consider yourself a lucky or unlucky person - everyone has a chance.

Which Spanish Lottos are worth playing?

Let's talk more about the top three Spanish lotteries.

#1. El Gordo de la Primitiva

El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery draws are held on Mondays at midnight Moscow time. Minimum jackpot - 5 000 000 euros. The ticket is marked 5 main numbers and 1 bonus. Major numbers are selected from the range 1-54, bonus - from 0 to 9. To get a prize, you need to guess either the bonus number, or 2 main numbers.

By guessing the bonus number, the player gets the ticket price back. Having guessed the two main numbers - the payment in 2 euros. The rest of the prizes are not fixed:the prize fund is formed from the proceeds from ticket sales.

Prize categories with no fixed prize:

  • 2 main and bonus
  • 3 major
  • 3 main and bonus
  • 4 major
  • 4 main and bonus
  • 5 major
  • 5 main and bonus - jackpot

If the jackpot is not played, it increases and is carried over to the next draw. On average, every week it grows by 400 000 euros. Rollover endless: the main prize will increase, until a winner is found. The maximum jackpot in this lottery was 33 000 000 euros.

#2. BonoLoto

BonoLoto draws are held every day except Sunday. Choose on the ticket 6 numbers from 1 to 49. In addition, there is a number of Reintegro from 0 to 9. If it matches the one printed on the ticket, field cost, 50 cents, will return to the player.

To win, enough to guess 3 or more main numbers. The seventh is also removed from the lottery drum., bonus ball Complementario. It multiplies the ticket prize, which coincide 5 main numbers.

BonoLoto jackpot starts from 400 000 euros. If the jackpot is not played, it is carried over to the next draw. The largest jackpot in the history of the lottery was 7 000 000 euros.

В BonoLoto 5 prize combinations:

  • 3 numbers - with a fixed payment 4 euros.
  • 4 numbers
  • 5 rooms
  • 5 numbers and bonus ball
  • 6 numbers - jackpot

#3. Christmas lottery

The Christmas lottery is the most popular Spanish draw. Loteria de Navidad has existed since 1812 years and is one of the oldest lotteries in the world. Draws are held once a year, 22 December. Interesting, that this tradition was not interrupted even during the Civil War - so much the Spanish people loved Loteria de Navidad.

The lottery has an unusual ticket. Each of the fields has five-digit numbers - combinations from #00000 to #99999. The number of draws with separate prize pools reaches 160-200 pieces. Each print run has 14 000 000 euros, and the entire prize fund reaches 2 300 000 000 euros.

The cost of one field is 200 euros. It's expensive for the average player, so the field is split into 10 parts. The player can pay for as many parts, how much can afford. It will depend on this, how much of the winnings will he get. If only one share is purchased, if you win in 1 000 000 a tenth of the prize can be taken away - 100 000 euros.

The lottery is drawn with two large squares with 100 000 and 1 807 wooden balls. Balls with numbers are taken from the first, from the second - a ball with a prize.

Prize categories 17:

  • El Gordo main prize - € 4 000 000, 1 of circulation
  • second prize - € 1 250 000, 1 of circulation
  • third prize - € 500 000, 1 of circulation
  • fourth prize - € 200 000, 2 of circulation
  • fifth prize - € 60 000, 8 of circulation
  • La Pedrera - € 1 000, 1 794 of circulation
  • the previous and next numbers of the main prize - € 20 000, 2 of circulation;
  • previous and next numbers of the second prize - € 12 500, 2 of circulation;
  • previous and next numbers of the third prize - € 9 600, 2 of circulation;

Prizes for 1000 euros:

  • tickets, 3 the first numbers of which coincide with the main prize - 99 of circulation
  • tickets, 3 the first digits of which coincide with the second prize - 99 of circulation
  • tickets, 3 the first digits of which coincide with the third prize - 99 of circulation
  • tickets, 3 the first numbers of which coincide with the fourth prize - 198 of circulation
  • tickets, 2 the last numbers of which coincide with the main prize - 999 of circulation
  • tickets, 2 the last numbers of which coincide with the second prize - 999 of circulation
  • tickets, 2 the last numbers of which coincide with the third prize - 999 of circulation

The last category of winning tickets has the most - 9999 pieces per edition. These are tickets, where the last digit matches the main prize. They give 200 euros.

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